Thursday, January 5, 2012

Strasburg Rail Road, USA

a great train card I received from Laura...the blue tone in the background against the green and the black is why it is so extra appealing to me.

the back of the card says: Strasburg Rail Road, Route 741. Daily runs to Paradise include a stop at Groff's Grove where passengers may enjoy a quiet picnic......catching a later train to complete their trip.
some postcards are really generous with information, no? :)

The website of the Strasburg's Rail Road says it was founded in 1832 and the earliest timetable found to date indicates Strasburg trains were scheduled as of December 1851.
With its ups and downhills over the years, today the Strasburg Rail Road is one of Lancaster County's most popular tourist attractions - and recognized as one of America's most significant examples of early 20th century railroading

always pleased to see some different stamps on my US postcards....the one on the right is from 2001 and shows the McKinley mountain, while the balloon stamp is from a booklet pair from 1991...nice and colourful

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