Saturday, January 21, 2012

Polatsk, Belarus

my last card for today comes from Belarus...actually it is two cards...and I received them both as officials, but I guess the second sender didnt know I already had hence, sometimes you end up with duplicates :)

BY - 281619/BY-307758

The left side of the card shows St. Sophia's Cathedral, while on the right, as the back of the card says, "Dramatized knights' fights in Polatsk"
Polatsk is said to be the oldest city in Belarus, and one of the most ancient cities of Eastern Slavs, mentioned in ancient manuscripts dating back from 806. 
Im just not sure what the symbol behind the knights' fighting is, so contributions are welcome. 

as i said, i got two copy of the card and both with different stamps. the first one has 3 different stamps. The hare stamp is from a set of 5 stamps issued in 2008, showing wild animals. The one next to it is a Christmas stamp from a set f two issued in 2010, while the one below is another 2008 stamp from a set of 8 Garden Flowers' stamps, this one showing a Narcissus.

here we have more or less the same issues, just different stamps, which is good. the left one is from the Wild animals series, showing a Forest Marten, while the Garden Flower stamp shows a tulip.

so, that would be it...enjoy your weekend :)

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