Friday, December 16, 2011

Route 66

wow, been so long since Ive posted a Route 66 card here! (actually ive realized that ive been overlooking some particular countries too even though i have a good number of postcards from there, so I should be working on those too..)

Anyways, this is definitely the most fantastic Route 66 Ive received! It is actually like a real metal licence plate!! Fantastic!! And it arrived undamaged and in perfect condition!
The huge thank you for this goes to dear Goran. Once he surprised me with a Route 66 magnet and now this great card/licence plate!
What I especially love about this one is how the US states through which this Route ran are represented on the both sides, with the US flag in between. And I cant forget the old-timers too...perfectly fitting in the image :)
Hvala ti puno puno puno Gorane!!

well, unless you've forgotten, since it's been a long long while, Route 66 cards are accompanied with a Depeche Mode song....this time it is one of the songs from Exciter which I constantly used to skip until I heard the live version of it on the One Night In Paris became one of my all time favourites ever since and i got totally hooked on it...the genius called Martin L. Gore strikes once again...

...indeed =/

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