Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lighthouses, New Zealand

As for my closure today, I picked some NZ lighthouses...beautiful as always!

the first one shows the Waipapa Point - the lighthouse is located at the southern end of the Catlins region and marks the scene of New Zealand's worst civilian shipwreck. On 29 April 1881, 131 people were drowned when the passenger steamer Tararua was wrecked on a reef off the point. Tararua was on one of its regular trips between Otago and Melbourne, via Bluff.

The first lit was in 1884 and the lighthouse was automated and demanned in 1974. It is 13 metres high.

the backside is rather gorgeous and happy with the stamps and the stickers. The two big colourful stamps are from a fantastic sheet  of 25 stamps issued in 2010, called Slice of heaven. The small stamps at the left side come from a set of 6 definitives issued in 2009, while the 10c one, at the bottom right is from a set of  7 definitives issued in 2007.

the second card here shows three different lighthouses so i wont go into details about each one, just name them....and if one day i receive a single view of any of these, id be happy to share their stories :)

From left to right you have: Cape Campbell, Akaroa Harbour and Taiaroa Head. Im pretty confused about the middle one, coz it looks the same as the Waipapa Point one, though the surroundings may be different, but still...I keep wondering if this might be the same lighthouse actually, and if there is some mistake in the explanations or these are indeed two different lighthouses and Akaroa Harbour has nothing to do with Waipapa.....

the cute stamp was issued this year in a set of 4 "year of the rabbit" stamps.

Have a fab week ahead everyone! :)

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