Sunday, December 4, 2011

Formula 1's been a while since I had posted a card related to Formula 1....but time to change that.

FI- 1212021

Mainly, it is coz i havent been following it for a long while so I couldnt really post something about it when i didnt really know what was going on....lost the interest since Raikkonen left (the races were already boring, yet i had someone to cheer for, so I watched it).
But...just this past week, it was announced that Ice-man had signed a contract with Lotus Renault GP and is coming back to F1 the following season!!! Yippie!! Yippie yippie yay yay!! Must be one of the greatest news ive heard in a long long while!! I can hardly wait!! I dont care in which team he is and if the season is not as fun as it should be...I really missed the F1 adrenaline and now i have the reason to get my dosage...I miss the waking up at 5 am to watch the Australian Grand Prix...cheering and biting my nails.
I know there have been quite some changes in the F1 so it's gonna take me a while to get a hold of it all, but im in no hurry :)

btw, i cant tell the exact driver this card represents, however, it came in handy :)

and speaking of good sports' news....Spain won the Davis Cup today...after a nail-biting match between Rafael Nadal and Juan Martin Del Potro. I really like Del Boy, so i felt sorry for him in the end, but Rafa is Rafa and after a crappy season, this was like the perfect closure :P  Yay yay yay!!


Lufra@Leisure said...

I'm an F1 fan & I miss Mika Hakkinen! :)

Ana said...

I love Hakkinen too!! But I never seriously watched F1 when he was driving. It was Kimi who got me hooked to it :)

Sports Traveler said...

That sure is so cool. Having F1 holidays with your formula 1 fan friends would be an amazing time to have.