Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mariefred, Sweden

ok, one more train card for today...sorry :)

this one came as a surprise by dear Susan who visited Sweden this summer.

The card shows the train station in Marifred, and the focus here is the Lessebo, a Mallet locally built in 1891 following the design of the original Mallets built by Decauville for the Great Exhibition in Paris in 1889, whose system had a major influence on the development of Sweden’s 600mm gauge railways. Engines of this design were used around the Eiffel Tower during the Paris exhibition of 1889. By the early years of the twentieth century the shortcomings of the design had become apparent and most of them were replaced by more modern machines built in the country. “Lessebo” led a charmed life, continuing to serve the Kosta Lessebo Järnväg (on the card), its original railway, until the line closed in 1948

the stamp is from a self-adhesive booklet of 5 stamps issued this year, representing Industrial Environments.

thank you sooo much Susi for the lovely card and for thinking of me in the first place!

until next time, and more great cards :)

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