Friday, August 19, 2011


Finally Friday, and a weekend ahead! A rather tough week....getting back to reality wasnt as easy as i had expected to be, plus it has been such an awfully hot week....equally to unbearable....I really need to take another week off and go to the mountains until this crazy heat passes by....

well, since i really dont have much will to do something outside the house at times like this, lets post some cards....not a bad idea, right?

and the first one, as usual reserved for some rare place in my collection, comes from another of the NA born children, the island of Saba, which is also the smallest special municipality of the Netherlands....its area is 13 km².
As the back of the card would say: Unique architecture. A unique aspect of the typically Saban architecture is the small-mesh Gingerbread woodcarving in markers, pergolas and fencing.

As dear JP would say, a very unusual place for those who love nature, hiking and diving, nothing else.
Does it also include people who would go anywhere just to get away from the annoying heat?

lovely stamp on the card...and great cancellation..just that somehow i misplaced the scanner frames, so it ended up like this, cut out on the left side....and i noticed it right after i had uploaded it so im honestly rather lazy to scan it all over again :)
the stamp was of course issued in 2011, but i couldnt find any other details about it...

Thank you JP!! 

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