Saturday, August 27, 2011

Amish, USA

A great Amish card I received for the Jun-Nov RR I took part of my favourite RR's on the forum!

Ever since I got to know about them, I got somewhat fascinated with the Amish people and their way of life....though I still dont have many Amish cards in my collection...just the ones posted here and a few more...
This card shows the Amish Country in the state of Ohio....or as the back of the card says, A picturesque farm in northeastern Ohio's Amish country. The Amish, in the tradition of their forefathers, depend mainly on horse-drawn buggies s their means of transportation.

When i look at this card, I cant help it but think of the fresh clean air they must be having in these lovely green surroundings...

and apart from the familiar clock stamp, there are two other, that I dont really see often around....both issued this year....the one in the middle is a lovely dog stamp showing Owney, the postal dog...the canine mascot of the Railway Mail Service. Beloved of clerks on mail-sorting trains at the end of the 19th century, Owney was hailed as a symbol of good luck. Today he is an icon of American postal lore whose story highlights the historical importance of the Railway Mail Service. Is there a postcard out there featuring Owney??? This stamp is being issued as a Forever stamp. Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail one-ounce rate. The phone stamp is from a set of 12 (Forever stamps again) depicting The Pioneers of American Industrial Design, which honour 12 of the nation's most important and influential industrial designers. This Desk Telephone stamp honours Henry Dreyfuss. Thanks a lot to Tanya for the lovely card and stamps!

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