Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kalavrita, Greece

Here is a great official card I received not so long ago....and what makes it even greater is that this is my first ever train card from Greece!


This is a scene from the Diakofto–Kalavryta Railway which runs 22 km from Diakofto through the Vouraikos Gorge and the old Mega Spilaion Monastery and up to Kalavrita, stopping en route at Zachlorou, built by Italian engineers between 1885 and 1895. Its length is 22 km and the journey is 68 min long.

Well, with this kind of scenery, id definitely love to take a ride on this one too...and compared to my desire to travel by the Trans-Siberian and the Rocky Mountaineer, this one seems to be the most viable.
two stamps were used on the card....the left one was issued in 2010 in a set of 5 stamps presenting the New Acropolis Museum, where this one shows the Parthenon Frieze (the low relief, pentelic marble sculpture created to adorn the upper part of the Parthenon's naos).
The other stamp was issued this year, in a set of 6 events stamps..though I cant tell to what event this one particularly refers to...

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