Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wallis and Futuna

¡Hola a todos! And huge apologies for the long silence....longer than the usual week-time to which you've probably gotten used to lately. But things have been extremely busy at work lately...and ive been so tired in general that Ive barely had time for anything else....postcards included....and if you are waiting a postcard or postcards from me, they will probably be late coz I havent had the time to write those properly either...sorry sorry sorry =/
But I grabbed some time today, so here are a few cards coming up....where the first one has arrived as a huge surprise and im still rather speechless about it :P Actually, im speechless and endlessly thankful with all the surprises Ive received recently....but anyways..

the first card for today comes from Wallis and Futuna!! Havent heard about it? Well, it's time to have a word or two with Google then :)
Now, Im not sure to what extent the coconut is native for this country, but my experience with the coconuts has been rather disappointing.....ive always imagined that they had this creamy delicious coconut milk inside them....but it's not even close to it coz inside there is this whitish rather transparent liquid...totally opposite from creamy....and not even closely tasting to the coconut taste ive expected...with brown pieces of the outside shell...not to mention how complicated it actually is to open this fruit on the since then I stick to the coconut products, esp. chocolates and ice-cream completely filled in with coconut mass...yumm yumm yummie!  

And..oh...did I mention this card is written and stamped? From Wallis and Futuna? No?!! Sorry...I didnt want to brag so early ;))))))))))))) But oh yes, here I have a card with Wallis and Futuna stamps and cancellations thereof! Hope you are not jealous :P
The stamp is from this year, showing 'la cigale' or in English, a 'cicada'..well, all I can tell you it is an insect...but for the accurate translation in your language or for more details about it, aunt 'wiki' may be more helpful than me, coz this is the first time ive heard of this buddy.

thanks a million to J.P for this one!


Chris Overstreet said...

Yes, I am jealous! But not of the stamps. We have cicadas here. They are creepy.

Dani said...

Wallis and Futuna? wow!
ти знаеше за земјава пред да ја добиеш разгледницата?

А кокос? Точно, разблажена водичка.
Исто и мангото, мириса на пеницилин и болница, ужас. А сок од манго - прекрасно.

Ајде со здравје...

Ania said...

Yes, yes, yes, I am jalous too :)

Gem from Calgary said...

Of course I'm Jealous, how could I not be. I'm just kidding. I am so happy for you, a card from Wallis and Futuna is certainly a keeper. If anyone has to receive one from this rare place, I'm glad it's you, Ana. I'll just keep trying . Is J.P. Jean Pierre ?