Saturday, April 9, 2011

Bucharest, Romania

Second card for today is an official one from Romania (im happy coz I dont get many officials from there) and it shows the Eroilor Aerului monument, or in English, The Romanian Airmen Heroes Memorial.


It is situated in the Aviators' Square in Bucharest and was built between 1930 and 1935.
The bronze structure is 20m high where bronze sculptures resting on an obelisk-shaped stone pedestal. On the top of the obelisk is the statue of a flying man with his wings outstretched. Three aviators, each in a different stage of flight attempt, are depicted around the base of the obelisk. On the pedestal are the aviators' insignia, helmet and equipment, as well as engraved plaques with the names of Romanian airmen who had crashed to their deaths by the time the monument was built. These men died pursuing various goals: skill development, performance, adventure and fighting in World War I. The first name is that of Gheorghe Caranda, killed on 20 April 1912 on an airfield during a training flight; the last is that of Sava Rotaru, killed on 29 May 1934 in thick fog in the hills around Cernavodă. After the official dedication, 99 additional names have been posted on the North bottom side of the pedestal.

I love such cards....they may be sad in nature, but they tell some great stories as well.

The stamp is from a set of 4 issued in 2007 representing Romanian pottery, and here you can see a pot handcrafted in Transylvania. 

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