Sunday, April 17, 2011

Denver, USA

My last card for today comes as a surprise from a friend who visited USA earlier this year. He tries to send me a postcard whenever he travels somewhere, but for some reason, just two have made their way to my mailbox so far.....

And he picked such a great one! A train station!!!!
Denver's first train station was constructed in 1868 to serve the new Denver Pacific Railway, which connected Denver to the main transcontinental line at Cheyenne, Wyoming. By 1875, there were four different railroad stations, making passenger transfers between different railroad lines inconvenient. To remedy this issue, the Union Pacific Railroad proposed creating one central "Union Station" to combine the various operations. In February 1880, the owners of the four lines agreed to build a station at 17th and Wynkoop Streets and the station opened in May 1881.
During its heyday, the station was served by 80 daily trains operated by six different railroads; however, most of this was terminated at the time of the formation of Amtrak, which has since operated only one train daily between Chicago and the Bay Area, routed through Denver.
Current passenger services include:
- Amtrak's California Zephyr
- C Line and E Line light rail routes.
The station also serves the once a year Cheyenne Frontier Days Train, usually pulled by Union Pacific's steam locomotive 844, the last steam locomotive built for the UP. The train runs between Union Station and Cheyenne, Wyoming for the Frontier Days Rodeo event.

and a rather different US stamp compared to the ones I usually see on my postcards/letters. It was issued in 2010 and is part of 4 Holiday Evergreens (Forever) special stamps.

Thank you all for reading, for the postcards and see you soon hopefully :) 

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Maggie said...

If that's all the postage he puts on, no wonder only two have made it to you. Forever stamps are only good for the current domestic first class letter rate, which right now is 44 cents. International air mail postcard is 98 cents, so this is a sizeable underpayment!