Friday, April 22, 2011

Karakol Lakes, Russia

Another amazing view....this time coming from Russia, showing the Karakol Lakes

The back of the card has some great text, so Ill refer to it here:

Karakol Lakes are a cascade of seven tarns connected by streams. They are situated on the north-western slopes of the Iolgo Mountain Ridge, about 30 kilometres from Elekmonar village. The Tura River, a tributary of thee Karakol River, flows out of the lowest lake. Karakol means "Black Lake". The Altaian people use this name for pure water that originates from the black interior of the earth.The upper lakes are at an altitude of 2100 metres, while the lower lakes are at 1800 metres. The banks of lakes are home to various plants. Siberian Pine, fir, Arctic birch, honeysuckle, cowberry and bilberry grow on the banks of the lower lakes; Arctic birch and lichen - on the banks of the upper lakes. Globe flowers, gentians, adder's-tongue and many other flowers bloom here at the beginning of summer. Upward from the lakes there is a cirque filled with snow, which does not melt even in summer. The average depth of the lakes is shallow - from 1.5 metres in the upper lakes to 5-7 metres in the lower lakes.

I have quite a lot plants to google now and see what they actually are...

Thanks a lot to Natalia for this lovely card!  

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