Friday, April 22, 2011

Marina Promenade, Singapore

So here comes that long weekend everybody was talking about (due to the Easter holidays) but seems that wont be such a long one for me, due to....oh well, working duties. But at least I can get some extra naps during the day....and hopefully by Monday will get more sun and fresh air....
But now, onto some cards....and for today I chose some panoramic ones....and these are all some BIG panoramic size...which makes them even more awesome!

The first, rich in blue card, comes as a surprise from Jean-Pierre. I am aware that the Singapore-skyline cards are fantastic, but this one seems to be one of the most amazing ones ive seen!
The Marina Promenade is a walkway along marina bay. It is a greenbelt from the Esplanade to the Singapore Flyer and is considered an important part of the The Garden at Marina Centre project.
Did you know that the English name of Singapore is derived from its Malay name, Singapura, which means 'Lion City'?
I am not sure if maybe I had already mentioned this before, but you know 'repetitio est mater studiorum' ;-)

and some lovely colourful stamps....ok, im not sure about the one of the left, if it is a part of a regular issue or not...the one on the right is from the set of 4 issued in 2010 for the Youth Olympic Games...but the left one, does refer to the Youth Olympic Games in 2010, but the picture does not coincide to any of the stamps in the set plus bears the year 2009 on the if anyone can enlighten me here, ill be really thankful :)
And thanks to Jean-Pierre for the amazing surprise! 


Chris Overstreet said...

I've been getting a lot of mail from Singapore lately myself. What a stunning place; must get there sometime.

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