Friday, April 22, 2011


Here is one FANTASTIC official card I received!


I cant tell at which city this photo has been taken, but my wild guess is that this station is in Frankfurt.
This is a Deutsche Bahn train, and just look at how lovely it smooth and shiny...I can only imagine how cosy it is on the inside. Even though I still prefer the old classic trains, I just cant say 'no' to these either :) They are irresistible!
Btw, speaking of's been more than 24 hours that the main site is down...probably the longest time in my entire postcrossing history, and doesnt seem it will be back any time soon...and all this is Amazon's fault! Just type 'Amazon' on google news, and you'll get more details about it. I really hope it will be back soon, coz I have cards to register...and im wondering if some of mine are waiting to be registered as well...I miss the 'hurray' emails....

and apart from the boring yellow flower, this card also came with a great train stamp! Issued in 2010 to commemorate the 175 years of railways in Germany. Sometimes it is hard for me to grasp that trains have been around for almost 200 years. 


Maggie said...

I have that same card :)

Martinha said...

I used that train to travel from Köln to Frankfurt :D It is an ICE,Inter City Express, an high speed train.