Friday, April 22, 2011

Paris, France

The last fantastic card for today is another surprise from Jean-Pierre, this time coming directly from Paris, showing the Triumphal Arc.

Well, the Triumphal Arc in Paris is something normal...but the Triumphal Arc in Skopje is one of the most ridiculous things ive ever heard of, yet it is happening...and it is frustrating me to an extent I could never explain....not just the Arc, but the entire Skopje 2014 Project.
Whoever is interested, can take a look here what this project foresees...the explanations are in Macedonian, but however, I think that the images speak for themselves....such a waste of a country with over 30% unemployment,  and hundreds of schools and hospitals in disastrous state....but monuments are more important...doesnt matter if living conditions are miserable

and some more amazing stamps...they come from a set of 4 issued in 2010 representing European Capital the above mentioned Triumphal Arc is shown (the right stamp) and Opéra Garnier (the one next to it). the third one is just a sticker :)

thanks a lot to JP again and to you for reading.

Happy Easter to all! 

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