Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lastres, Spain

I like the colours on this card...the contrast of the blue against the other colours.

this card shows the city of Lastres, in the Autonomous Community of Asturias.
Milenna, the sender of the card, says that this city is very famous all over Spain coz the most popular TV series have been filmed there.
Well, speaking of Spanish TV Series (or Soap Operas as they are known better)....ive never been fond of those, and honestly, when they first started to be shown here, like over 10 years ago, people went mad for them, and all of a sudden, everybody wanted to study Spanish just coz of them...and with me such things have an opposite effect, and back then, I am sorry to admit this, but I hated the Spanish language. I just never like being a part of the masses blindly following something. And we were simply bombed with all sorts of Spanish, Portuguese, Latin/South American soap operas. Each TV station had a few of them and it was getting too much! Nowadays, things have calmed down, and when i have the chance sometimes, I turn on the TV and just listen to the language....but nowadays, I cant seem to find enough Spanish series...they seem to have lost their popularity on behalf of the ones coming from Turkey and India. So I guess Ive wasted my long-term chances to listen to the Spanish for free....ah well :)

the stamp is from a set of 2 Fauna stamps issued in 2010, showing butterflies. This one shows the Zygaena rhadamanthus. 

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