Sunday, March 13, 2011

Manila, Philippines

A great train card sent by Cenezo!

The card in particularly shows the LRT in Manila, or the Light Rail  Transit System. It is a metropolitan rail system serving the Metro Manila area in the Philippines. Although referred to as a light rail system because it originally used light rail vehicles, it has many characteristics of a rapid transit (metro) system, such as high passenger throughput and exclusive right-of-way.
The LRT has at its disposal 31 stations along over 31 kilometers of mostly elevated track form two lines, and around 579,000 passengers are served each day.
There are two lines, Line 1, also known as the Yellow Line, opened in 1984 and travels a north–south route, while Line 2, the Purple Line, was completed in 2004 and runs east–west.

and the card arrived with two lovely train stamps! they come from a set of 4 stamps issued in 2010, featuring the Manila City Railway...perfectly matching the card! 

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