Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lake Cumberland, USA

last card for today comes from Kentucky in the USA.

the card shows Lake Cumberland, which covers parts of seven counties in southern Kentucky. The lake covers over 50,000 acres of land, over 100 miles long and over 1200 miles of shoreline. Famous for some of the world's finest houseboats and fastest speedboats. - from the back of the card.

And some stats according to aunt Wiki:

-The normal summer pool is around 723 feet above mean sea level.
-The tree line is about 725 feet.
-The maximum pool is 760 feet at the top of dam floodgates
-Lake is considered at "flood control" level from 723 to 760 feet.
-Normal power drawdown is between 723 and 673 feet.
-At 760 feet elevation, the shoreline of Lake Cumberland is 1,255 miles.
-At maximum possible elevation of 760 feet, Lake Cumberland is considered to be 101 miles long, with a total surface area of 65,530 acres.
-Surface area at 723 feet is 50,250 acres.
-At minimum power pool of 673 feet, the surface area is 35,820 acres .
-Average depth of lake at summer pool of 723 feet above sea level: 90 feet.
-Deepest point in lake: original river channel adjacent to Wolf Creek Dam: 200 feet

The lowest water level recorded (since construction) was 675.10 feet above mean sea level on January 27, 1981. The highest water level recorded was 751.70 feet above mean sea level at 2:00AM, May 13, 1984,

I find these numbers more confusing than helpful......

Ever since the US international postage had increased, I dont see the 94 stamp so often...and then there are also four samples of the Tiffany Lamp issued in 2008.

Thanks for reading and have a great about to enjoy the sunshine! 

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