Sunday, February 20, 2011

Minsk, Belarus

My last card for today is a great official one coming from Belarus.


Now, you may ask, whats so special about this card? It is just another fancy is...but do you know that this is actually the main building of the railway station in Minsk??! Oh yeah :)
I had no idea about it until I actually read the explanation on the me it was like some shopping mall but I was highly mislead :)
It was built in 2000, so it is quite a new and modern one. I wish that our government actually decided to renovate our main train station, coz it looks awful and miserable, just as our trains. I dont say it has to look like the station above, but it should at least be decent and maybe have elevators instead people having to pull their heavy suitcases along the stairs, and the waiting rooms could be cleaner and nicer...but maybe, in some distant futue....

I think that the first three stamps are quite familiar to is from the 8 garden flowers' stamps issued in 2008 (here you have the Petunia) and the other stamp was also issued in 2008 in a set of 5 wild animals' stamps and here you see the European Mink. The third stamp is the interesting one coz at least it is not one you see often on the Belarus cards. It was issued in 2005 in a set of two stamps representing Belarussian national clothes, and this stamp portrays the Mosty region.

Thank you for following and hope you have a great week ahead...and of course, I hope to see you soon :)


Anastasia said...

I have this card too and it always reminds me that I was there, although I was not inside the building, but I was walking on a platform while our train Grodno-Moscow had a 20-minutes stop in Minsk :)

nice right stamp, never seen it before.

Ana said...

you've actually been here??? Ok, now im envious...for taking that train ride as well :)