Sunday, February 13, 2011

Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Sorry guys and gals for the awful lack of updates lately...but things were really busy these past few weeks...and on top of that I got an annoying cold which affected my overall state of mind to a great degree and made it hard to focus on anything...the cold is still times it feels better, at times worse...but as for now I think I can post a few cards...I know that probably some may expect I post a bunch in order to make up for the times I didnt post any...but I dont want to do that just for the kicks, so I will leave it to 4 cards, the ones I initially chose like over a week ago, but wasnt able to post them.

The first chosen card comes from I received back in 2009, by mistake I may say...the sender wasnt sure if he had already sent me a card so he posted another one...sweet :)
The first card he sent me showed Samarkand, while this one shows a part of Bukhara, one of the most ancient cities in the country and here you can see the famous Kalayan minaret, the Kalân Mosque and the Mir-i Arab Madrassah. These three actually form the Po-i-Kalan complex.

And this historic centre of Bukhara as been listed on the UNESCO whs list as this means I can add another place to my UNESCO collection....yippie!

the stamp is from a set of 8 issued in 2008, regarding classical architecture in Uzbekistan, and here you see the State Academic Big Theatre by Alisher Navoi.

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