Sunday, February 20, 2011


Well, another flag card for today, coming from Taiwan this time.

I know I am taking the risk of UNINTENTIONALLY saying something inappropriate regarding the Taiwan vs China issues, and I apologize in advance for that, but what I say is based on articles I come across and does not reflect my personal opinions and beliefs.

The red in the flag represents the land of China itself, with reference to the Han race which is the dominant race among the many races of China. The white sun symbolizes the spirit of progress as the twelve points represent the twelve hours of the day (a traditional Chinese hour = two conventional hours), and the sun on a blue field is the party flag of the Kuomintang (Nationalist Party) which ruled Taiwan until 2000. This flag was first used in 1928.

Mr. Hou-tung Lu designed the basics of the national flag of Taiwan (the blue sky, white sun). Later the red field was added by Dr. Sun Yat-sen to become the national flag.

The symbolism of the flag is cited as follows: The "three principles of the people" represented by the white-twelve-pointed star -Equality, brightness and Min Sheng (People's Livelihood), the blue canton - Liberty, justice and Min Chuan (Democracy) and red field - Fraternity, sacrifice and Min Tsu (Nationalism).

so here you have one Year of the Rabbit stamp, issued this year of course, coming from a set of two stamps. The bird stamp is from a set of 10 stamps issued in 1991 while the third one is from a set of four flower stamps issued in 1995.

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