Sunday, February 13, 2011

South Dakota, USA

A fantastic train card that arrived from South Dakota! Which has also made me aware my SD collection of cards is really scarce...

This is the Black Hills Central Railroad's Baldwin 2-6-2 locomotive #7 (built in 1919) and its train at the Keystone depot.
It is considered as a heritage railway, which currently operates the 1880 Train on the former Keystone Branch of the Burlington Northern Railroad (BN) between Hill City, South Dakota and Keystone, South Dakota. Apart from the above mentioned 2-6-2 locomotive, the BHCR also operates the:

#103, Baldwin 2-6-2, built 1922
#104, Baldwin 2-6-2T tank locomotive, built 1926
#110, Baldwin 2-6-6-2T, built 1928, the last operating model of its type

Here is a nice video regarding the locomotive know that a picture (or a video) describes things better than words....if it doesnt, than something is terribly wrong with either the picture or the video.

and some nice US least I dont see them often...or almost never...the clock stamp is well known, but it is the other two I was referring to...they come from a set of 4 self-adhesive stamps issued in 2009 under the subject " Supreme Court Justices" and these two here portray Felix Frankfurter (on the left) and William Brennan (on the right stamp)

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