Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Belgian Beers

A very cool card I received as an official

well, thing is, im NOT a beer drinker....actually, it is one of the alcoholic beverages I cant possibly stand...why exactly, i dont know but i know that just the smell itself puts me off, not to even mention the taste.
Last summer when I was out with some friends, the place we went to has all kinds of beers as their main menu...it is like a special beer-cafe....and of course, a problem occured coz i couldnt finds something suitable to drink...they had wines, but only large bottles, so somehow the waitress convinced me to take this dark beer telling me that you dont really feel the taste of beer there and that i will like it....but of course, i didnt...it was just as regular beer, maybe only not so strong....and she came later all smiling to ask me how it is....and left all disappointed when I made this 'yuck' expression on my face...i knew she shouldnt have convinced me, but lesson learned...
But despite the fact im an anti-beer lady, i still love this card...i like being introduced to cultures in such a way, even though ill never try any of these.

Btw, since we are talking of beer, i must tell you that there is this Macedonian beer which is very much praised by everyone and foreigners enjoy it a lot....we've had cases of foreigners getting awfully drunk coz they were sort of used to their own beer, which is not even close as strong as this Macedonian one, so after two bottles, which would do nothing in their own country, here they are in frantic laughter and behaviour! So if you come here, be careful with the Skopsko beer ;)  Cheers!

I have a feeling that Belgium has the most birds' stamps issued....well, you also have one very cute kitten stamp (covered by the cancellation). The kitten is from 2010, from a set of 10 stamps under the subject 'leaving the nest'.


Anu said...

I can't stand beer, either. ..in fact I don't really like any alcoholic drinks :P

Rajko said...

Ajde, ajde, još samo reci da je Skopsko bolje od Nikšićkog! ;)

Ana said...

Anu, it is nice to know im not the only one who is not fond of beer :)

A ti, malo ti na fejsu i na forumu pa sad još i na mom blogu si se nasrnuo....c c c c c
I DA, Skopske je gde gde bolje od Nikšićkog pa sad pukni ako hoćeš!