Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well after a some very tense working days, and no time to do things aside...or at least do them without dead-lines weighing over your head, here I am, in a rather relaxed mood, to post some cards...Id usually go to sleep, coz I feel chronically sleep-deprived....but right now i feel more like enjoying my cards :)

and ill start with this nice map card from Indonesia...what I really like about it is coz it gives you a chance to see where, compared to Indonesia and Malaysia for example, some places are...and the vicinity is rather surprising....i wonder how easy (and cheap/expensive) it is for example go get by boat from Indonesia to Christmas Island....coz if i lived in Indonesia I think I would go there just to buy and send a bunch of cards and stamps! You wouldnt complain to receive one, would you? :P
And then there is East Timor!!! Another postcard/stamps paradise! And even though you cant see it properly on the card you also have here Papua New Guinea..it is sharing an island with Indonesia actually....so there are just such nice rare countries around here....so maybe it is better i dont live in Indonesia....otherwise id go bankrupt rather quickly :)
Speaking of islands...Indonesia consists of  17,508 islands, out of which around 6,000 are inhabited...and Java is the most popular of course......
The two nice stamps are from a set of 5 issued in 2009 regarding the World Ocean Conference

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