Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Montana, USA

Believe it or not this card is from 2008.

No, I havent forgotten it...but i was just somehow so focused on the latest cards, that I totally neglected these ones....but I promised you that since the beginning of this year I will fix that and will treat them all equally....so dont be surprised if you see a card you had sent me that you had totally forgotten about...well, I have cards from before 2008, but they are not postcrossing cards....however I will try to put some of those too every now and then

And this card on its back says "Lost lake found in Northwest Montana". This structure of words just makes me laugh....the lost lake vs found in :P
It is considered as one of Montana's most unique bodies of water, hidden below the surrounding prairie north of the Highwood Mountains, about 30 miles east-northeast of Great Falls

It makes a lovely scenery definitely...from the Montana cards I had received so far, I can conclude that it definitely has beautiful nature


david said...

We've got a Lost Lake nestled near the Highwood Mountains...but the mountains in that picture looks suspiciously large - maybe this pic is actually from the area in/around Glacier National Park?

Ana said...

might be....i just convey what the cards say, and not living in the concerned place, it is not really possible to make the right judgmenet sometimes, even with google...still, thanks for pointing this out :)

occam said...

Montana is indeed a beautiful state, no matter where the lost lake is found!