Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vall d'Incles, Andorra

Sorry for the post-less week, but it has been such a busy, tiring and stressful one, in so many aspects...when you just try to get through the day and meet all your obligations in time and as appropriate, i simply had no time for something hopefully now, ill manage to use this rainy cold Saturday morning to post some cards...ok, it is far from morning, it is past noon...but for someone who has gotten out of bed, less than an hour ago, it is still sort of morning...yeah, im trying to compensate for all the sleepless hours i had during this past week :)

I got this card time ago...somewhere at the beginning of the year..but i dont know why i kept avoiding it...not really on purpose...but anyways, here's my second ever Andorra is my first one, and unfortunately, none of them are written and stamped, but hopefully ill get such one day...both cards are just great and it would be a pity not to have them in the collection just coz they are lacking the stamp and cancellation.
This card shows a view of the Incles village, or if im not wrong, 'vall' means 'valley'. It is located in the parish of Canillo, in the north-eastern part of the country.
Looks so beautiful and peaceful...


feeez84 said...

Beautiful card. :)

Ana Lima said...

Ana, i live "here" in vall d'incles. What a lovely postcard you got there. Amazing