Saturday, December 4, 2010


Believe it or not, it was over two months that i didnt receive an official card from Finland...I really dont know why, but they simply avoided me...and then this week, i received a fantastic one, from my favourites! Thanks a million to Anne for sending it to me!


The card shows the Santakari beacon (or in Finnish, Santakarin pooki), where the word 'pooki' means a lighthouse or another big landmark without any light.
It was built in 1857 by G.T.Chevitz and belonged to the Maritime Department. When it became the property of the town, it was renovated in 1997. The building is a symbol landmark for nationally valuable cultural environmental sites Niemi-Santakari.
The tower rises 21.5 m from the sea level. It is octagonal and its area is 7x7 metres.
Pooki was not suitable for a lighthouse, because when the ships grew bigger, they gradually moved from the southern passage to Valkeakari passage. There the ships were well guided by the Kylmäpihlaja lighthouse. The Santakari landmark was only serving the users of the Rihtniemi passage. It was, however, still meaningful for the ships coming from further away.

Finland has issued such lovely Christmas stamps! I wish ours were at least half this nice! These were issued on 5 November, showing Santa and reindeer, and both are self-adhesive.


rainbows said...

That's so nice postcard!
Best wishes

Gem from Calgary said...

Hay Ana,
Rainbows is right. The kid in me would love to receive a postcard from Finland with those stamps.
Glad the puffin card arrived.
Take care.