Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Tsubame, Japan

My last card for today comes from Japan, showing a high-speed train...which somehow reminds me of how quickly this year has passed =/ Each year time seems to fly faster and faster and faster.....

Please meet Tsubame....which is the name of the train services operating on the Kyūshū Shinkansen in Japan since 2004.
The word 'tsubame' in Japanese means "swallow", and has been used on a succession of limited express trains on the Tōkaidō and Sanyō Main Line in Japan since 1930.

I dont know what these swallow exactly...the space in front of them maybe?

These new modern trains definitely look elegant and compared to the old trains, are much more comfortable...however, i prefer the older ones...they just simply have the charm the new ones dont, and make this sound, that you cant hear with the new trains...even the sirens arent the same...ahh, me and my nostalgic moments...

some nice Japanese stamps which as usual give me a headache....the left one is from a set of 6 issued in 2006, under the name 'flowers from Kinky'...uhmm, ok, i wont get into meanings and ambiguities now...the other stamp is from a set of 3 definitives issued in 1997....I must say that Japan has just tooooo many stamps with flowers....makes me fee lost

well, anyways...Im pretty sure there wont be a chance I make another update in the next two days, so Id just like to wish everyone a happy new year, lots of health and lots and lots and lots of love...and the rest will come by itself...and of course, which i mustnt forget, many new great postcards in your mailboxes!!

Thank you for following me for another year to come and bearing with all my silences, rants, silly facts....thanks to all the newcomers for becoming a part of it....and hope to see you all, and many new ones in the year to come...coz after all, if it wasnt for you, this blog wouldnt have given me the pleasure it actually does!

a BIG BIG BIG HUG to you all!!!!! Enjoy the holidays!!!!

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Maggie said...

Tsubame means swallow as in a kind of bird! Not swallowing something. (Or were you just joking?)

Kinki is the name of a region of Japan. :)