Friday, December 24, 2010

This big world we live in...and Merry Christmas to you!

Well, before I get down to any posting, first I wanna wish a very Merry Christmas to all my fellow readers, friends, passers-by, stalkers...of course, those who celebrate it today. I know this Orthodox-Cathedral difference can be confusing sometimes, but the wishes remain the same, and I hope you all will or already have enjoyed your Christmas eve and will have a nice Christmassy day tomorrow.
I belong to the second group who celebrates Christmas in two weeks, so today is just an ordinary day for me..ok, not so ordinary, coz it is Friday at has been a VERY VERY busy week again, among which I again got sick and felt more than awful....I dont know if my immunity has been really affected but I seem to easily catch viruses and temperatures and just not feel like im able to move out of again, i barely had no time to do anything during the week, apart from the regular working assignments...but at least they keep m busy.
I also want to apologize for not sending Christmas cards to you this year, but I absolutely had no time to do it...and I didnt want to choose just a few people and send them one...even that would have been all rushed I decided not to send any....Im really sorry for this...but hopefully next Christmas it will be better...or I will somehow make it up during the year :P

Anyways, I chose this card today coz apart from making it a good choice to address everyone around the globe and wish happy holidays, I also wanted to share something with you which is related to this big big world...I think that for every postcard/stamp collector this is something like a must see...maybe you should take a world map too and try guessing along...and guess with exact preciseness please :) And once you are done watching, you will other feel 'oh, that's piece of cake, whats all the fuss about' or 'oh boy, my geography knowledge sucks'...and compared to the 'contestant' in the video, im pretty sure that the majority would find themselves in the second, this is not intended to make fun of anyone or ridicule anyone...i openly say that i myself fall into that second category too...yes...after all these years and all the postcards and letters received (plus naturally, my ability to read) I find myself into the second category.

so, here you meet Lilly...and please give her an applause...she deserves it...and she simply enjoys it when you clap your hands....she is just so adorable!!! :)

I mean....Djibouti??!!!!! :)

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Vagirl said...

A happy holiday season to you my dear friend!
Hugs to you!