Sunday, December 12, 2010

Belgrade, Serbia

Ive been wanting to post a Belgrade card for a while now, but I was waiting until all, or at least the majority of cards I sent from there, arrived. So that I dont sort of spoil the surprise :)

Well, Im still missing 10 people to cross out from the list...but hopefully they have made it to their end too.
I didnt want to say anything ahead, coz I didnt know if my plan to send cards will succeed...but well, for the first time, out of all my visits to this city, I managed to surprise some mailboxes....with a huge thanks to Ana, my namesake and partner in crime, and merciless drill sergeant :D :D :D (for those who know what im talking about)
You know I went to visit the book-fair, but of course, I cant spend all day there (I think that with the overall conditions, it is humanely impossible). So in the afternoon I met Ana, and we occupied this table in this cafe, straggled our cards, and stamps and papers with addresses, with people looking oddly at us and the waiter having no idea where to put the cakes, so he just handed them in into our hands....a fantastic hilarious afternoon, and too much cake...but what was most worth it is that I got to send out cards! At last!
Another great satisfaction was that after I dont know how long, I had the chance to use an actual mailbox in front of the PO, to mail out the cards instead of handing them at the postal desk. In Macedonia, these mailboxes are not really functional, and i dont feel secure at all with them...but here, in Serbia, or at least Belgrade, this option works! I wont tell you how many cards we sent, but they didnt fit at once through the opening of the mailbox :D
And of course, took my favourite ride back home...well, not exactly on this train, but this is the main train station, where my train takes off...I got this card from my previous trip to Belgrade, not long before the book fair...all my trips to Belgrade are arranged at the very last minute and last less than 24 hours, but are more than worth it and I love them...even though I end up travelling 1000km back and forth in one day.
The card is from a reprint series of cards called Editions Francophiles 2000. Couldnt be more perfect for me :)
Looking forward to my next Belgrade trip...though I dont think it would be is freezing cold right now!


Gem from Calgary said...

Ana, Would the Belgrade card of The Temple of Saint Sava, that I received from you in Nov be one of these ? It is the one that you were surprised that it arrived with a stamp. Just wondering.

Ana said...

Hi Glenn..yes, that card is one of these :) As for the stamp, it is a bit of a complex story (otherwise I wouldnt have managed to send anything) but I didnt get stamps until I had most of the cards wanted to apologize just in case :)