Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Atomica Melancholica, Salvador Dali

A rather unusual kind of card to post....but some time ago, I got two cards representing Dali's paintings (picked them myself) and I love them!!

Well, I wont pretend im very art literate, coz im not, but I DO appreciate art a least some of it, coz nowadays EVERYTHING is art...everyone can just get an inspiration, scribble something over the canvas and you get a piece of abstract art, and no one can deny it..I dont say we should appreciate only the big names, but some sort of a line should be drawn.
As for Dali, I like the way he represents things, and the colours he uses and his odd style ( a reason why I LOVE Vladimir Kush as well, but it is impossible to find cards with his works)...
And i think that the title of this one so much describes the picture...Dali got this picture as a gift to the Spanish state. The painting dates from 1945 and is one of the few where Dali had used the elephant theme.

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