Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Zealand

An absolutely FANTASTIC card Annie sent me for the NZ Travelling RR!

This card shows the Tranz Scenic, Alpine Railway in New Zealand...this 'alpine' word makes some confusions for me, since it only associates me to Europe, but yes, this is NZ we are talking about.
This is what the back of the card says:

Trains run daily across the Canterbury plains, over Arthurs Pass, then via the Otira Gorge and Lake Brunner to Greymouth on the West Coast. The magnificent scenery and steep alpine passes are often covered during the winter in sparkling snow.

here is a video which believe it or not, has an accompanying song called Tranz-Alpine Express too :p

such a lovely train and such lovely scenery...ahhhhhhhhhh

and a number of great stamps too!! the two on the left were both issued in 2007 as a part of 7 scenic definitives...the top one shows Rangitoto Island, while the one below it, shows Central Otago. As for the stamps on the right, both come from 2009, where the bottom one is again a scenic definitive, coming from a set of 7, showing Tolaga Bay...while the stamp above it, comes from a set of 24 stamps (issued as a mini-sheet) presenting a Tiki tour of New Zealand....this one is called Mud Pools Rotoura...I had once posted a postcard presenting Rotoura, and if you want, you can see it here

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Heather said...

I've been on this train, it's a gorgeous journey! I went mid summer and the rivers were flowing with aqua coloured mountain snow that had melted. I think it'd be gorgeous any time of the year!