Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nabeul, Tunisia

Im a real idiot sometimes...ive received a number of cards from Tunisia, but decided to keep them in the dark..well, not on purpose, but thing is, time flew away without me realizing that I should post know, I usually keep the rare/harder to get countries as special, and dont post them as often..but eventually, I got a few Tunisian cards, so i could freely post at least one...yet I didnt...until now...

Judit sent me this great map card from her holidays this summer...from the city of Nabeul, coastal town in northeastern Tunisia, on the south coast near to the Cap Bon peninsula. Among the other things you can see on the map, you can notice, at the bottom left corner, something called "Neapolis". Well, apparently, Nabeul is a former Roman colony, whose name is an Arabised form of the Greek Neapolis which stands for 'new city'.
I like the Kamel Market too, and would love to visit the Theatre and La Medina...though due to the common high temperatures, Tunisia has never been one of my favourite destinations, though if I ever get the chance to go, ill surely take it.

Another lovely clear cancellation...on a stamp issued in 2009 in a set of 4, showing fruits of Tunisia...this is a peach...well, it is a fruit of many other countries of the world as well, but maybe there is something special regarding Tunisian peaches.

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