Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ive realized that one can learn a rather lot through these cards representing traditional clothes and/or dances.

This one coming from Malaysia shows a Portrait of Sabandar Cultural Dancers in Malay costume worn to perform Joget, the Malay traditional dance
Joget is also performed at official functions as it is the National Dance.

Joget is a great example how elements from various culture can merge together into one single form. The dance of the Portuguese roots is accompanied by an ensemble consisting of; a violin of Western world, a knobbed gong of Asia, a flute (optional) and at least two rebana or gendang of Malay world. The tempo of Joget music is fairly quick with the feeling of teasing and playing between the partners. The music emphasizes duple- and triple-beat division, both in alternation and simultaneously, and sung in the northeast Malaysia style[2][3].
One of the most popular type of Joget is called "Joget Lambak" and usually performed by a large crowd together in social functions.

And here is what YouTube has got to say about Joget Lambak...uhmm....i feel im being mislead...

This stamp was issued this year in a flower stamps set, and also, each stamp of that set, as i understood, represents one state in Malaysia.

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