Thursday, November 18, 2010


Well, some of you already know about this card, some of you dont yet, but now at last here it is to see the light of the day! My very first card from Dominica, and oh yes, written and stamped and cancelled!! Uhh, that sounds sooo sooo good!

And just to make sure there is no room left for confusion....the card is from Dominica, or more precisely, the Commonwealth of Dominica, which is different and shouldnt be confused with the Dominican Republic, since the names of these countries sound so much alike. And I think that Dominica itself is a harder country to get...though I must say that I actually had a number of failed attempts with the Dominican Republic, before I actually got one in my mailbox.

Did you know that the name Dominica comes from the Italian word for Sunday (domenica), which was the day on which it was spotted by Christopher Columbus. The official language is English in consequence of its history as a British colony, territory, and state, though a French creole is spoken by many, especially people of older generations. The demonym or adjective is "Dominican" in English, same as that for the Dominican Republic, but unlike the Dominican Republic, in which the stress is on the first "i", the stress is on the second "i"

Yeah, ive been breaking my tongue ever since...

This card is called "A glimpse of paradise itself" and through this window you can see all kind of beauties...waterfalls, sandy beaches, oceans....

When I look at this card, it makes me think of that 'when one door closes, another one opens' proverb...yeah, I know this is a window...but for some reason, when a door (window) closes for me, I seem to be stubbornly persistent to open again the same old one...i take peeks behind new ones, but either i dont dare to step in, or i just dont find what i see thrilling enough...and thats a killing combination since it makes you stuck in the middle of nowhere, since you cant go ahead (or at least you dont know how) and you cant go back coz you either cant find the key or someone had just changed the door-lock and you cant open it anymore..and it's just so frustrating!!!!

And here is the stamp, with this lovely, huge, oval cancellation! Just that I couldnt possibly find the right info for this stamp..

Thanks again a million to Herbert for this fantastic surprise!!!!

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