Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tylö, Sweden

A great card from Sweden I received in the Scandinavian tag.

The card says to show ski tracks in Tylö.....which I found confusing since I dont really see the possibility for someone to ski at THIS particular piece of land...but then maybe this is just a part of some big skiing track that's behind the camera actually.
However, not a word about the lighthouse, and I couldnt find anything related to it (or i might have been doing wrong searches)....but it still makes a great card and a wonderful addition to my lighthouse collection, thanks to Merja.

I dont get Swedish cards often so i dont get the chance to often see Swedish stamps...and the ones here are really nice.
The stamp on the left, above the priority sticker, is a part of 4 stamps issued this year representing Swedish food. The stamp next to it is a World Heritage one from 2005, showing the Skogskrykogarden Cemetery, while the stamp below it is from 2008, from a set of 4 stamps representing Swedish trees, with this one showing a Juniper.

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