Sunday, October 31, 2010


My last card for today is an official one from Japan.


It is a very nice and interesting card, but all I know is what the sender told me and that is that this is an old traditional style of Japanese art. But what did she mean exactly, I have no idea....I can just guess and say what I may think according to what ive come across...but in order not to say something totally silly, ill keep my lips sealed :)
There is something written in Japanese on the front of the  card, but with my level of knowledge of this language, no way I can decipher it :)
So, feel free to submit an opinion or fact in case you got some.

and here is how the Japanese postal stickers look even there they can be in lack of stamps I guess...

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Suzurann said...

Hi, I'm Suzurann, a new member of postcrossing. I found your blog so great!
Your way of recording the postcards&stamps is remarkable.
Oh, by the way, the picture on the card is by Toyokuni Utagawa titled Sukeroku. Sukeroku is one of the most popular characters in Kabuki.
Just for your information!