Friday, October 1, 2010

Triglav, Slovenia + Contest ;)

A fantastic card from Slovenia, showing the summit of the Triglav mountain, at 2864m...

And here you can also see the Aljaž Tower. This tower is a landmark of Slovenia and a symbol of Slovenehood and it also presents a storm shelter on Triglav.
When you tell me about Triglav, the first thing that ALWAYS comes to my mind is this song dating back from the times of Yugoslavia...and there was this line in it, "od Vardara pa do Triglava", or "from Vardar to Triglav", meaning the southern landmark and the northern landmark from former Yugoslavia...

So here comes the contest time....this is the song, where maybe you wont understand the lyrics but you can at least enjoy the pictures showing different sites from all parts of Yugoslavia

Now, your task many of them can you identify? How many places from Macedonia can you recognize? :) The person with the most right guesses regarding the Macedonian sites, will get a written and stamped postcard from me....I know it may be a tough contest, but maybe you can dig among your cards or some found at other people's blogs to help there you go....the contest will be open for a while....i cant make an exact promise, but I will give you enough time to do the searching and exploring ;)
In case of more people having the most correct answers, the winner will be the first one who had posted his or her answers.

Good Luck ;)

and two nice stamps here..the big one on the right is from this year, representing National costume from Prekmurje region, while the other one is from a set of 11 flower definitives, issued in 2009


heksita said...

Really nice card :)!

Penpalling and Letters said...

¡Hola Ana! I have been away lately and not having Internet at my place is a bit difficult to keep track of everyday's happenings...
I just discovered about this video with "od Vardara pa do Triglava" song which I like a lot and really feels nostalgic about Yugoslavia!
I have watched the video three times but it is not easy to recognize all these places. I surely realized about views of Ljubljana Cathedral, Zagreb Cathedral, the city of Sarajevo and the famous views of Ferhadija Mosque, Dubrovnik, Mostar - Neretva River and Stari Most, Saint Stephan in Montenegro, amphitheatre in Pula, Tower in Kalemegdan Fortress in Beograd, maybe Postojna Caves in Slovenia, Kravica Waterfalls in Bosnia or Plitvica in Croatia... Then, for sure there are views of all ex-Yugoslavian Republics, but there are many buildings I cannot recognize. Maybe some of them are in Zagreb, Beograd, Sarajevo, Ljubljana, Skopje... but not 100% sure. The same goes for the views of the mountains. Cannot recognize them all. The lakes, surely there is the famous Ohrid in Macedonia and maybe Skadar in Montenegro... Also there are views of the Croatian coastline and from Montenegro... Oh well, regarding Macedonia, maybe there are about fifteen pictures (three more, three less), but as said, it is really difficult to guess!
By the way, I was so surprised! There is a Spanish building among the pics!!! The Alcázar de Segovia is the fourth pic in the video! Have you realized about the Spanish flag on it? Hehe, that was funny! :P
If I need to be more specific, let me know! When I have more time I will come to check your Blog carefully as I could not in the latest weeks...
Hugs to you!

Ana said...

well Bea dear...since you are the only one who got the courage and interest to make an attempt at this one, you are definitely entitled to win something....ill just need to figure out what :))

on the overall, i was curious to see how many Macedonian sites can people spot and if they could name them :)
I know...a rather impossible task, but i had to give it a try :)

as for the Spanish building...i noticed it didnt really fit in here since you cant really find a building of that type around here...except maybe Slovenia can come close with something...but thanks for letting me know which one exactly it was :)

btw, here are some of the Macedonian places in the video:

some places repeat...they are just shown from a different angle..and for one or two i couldnt find an appropriate image....but that would be it more or less :)