Friday, October 1, 2010

Canadian Rockies, Canada

Glenn has given so many fantastic surprises to my mailbox, and this is one of them

A lovely lovely train card!
The Rocky Mountaineer train runs on few different routes, 'First Passage to the West' (Vancouver- Banff & Calgary), 'Journey to the Clouds' (Vancouver-Jasper), 'Rainforest to Goldrush' route (Whistler-Quesnel-Jasper).

The first one is said to be the most scenic & certainly the most historically-significant route to choose, as it travels over the famous Canadian Pacific Railway. It's the original 'Rocky Mountaineer' route on which the company first started in 1990, when the last regular passenger trains on the line were discontinued. the journey takes 2 full days with 1 overnight hotel stop.

Some of the reviews I had read about this train included: "The Best Train Experience in the world", "The benchmark train ride for jaw-dropping scenery", "One of the world's ultimate experiences", "Rocky Mountaineer's journey through the Canadian Rockies is truly one of the most spectacular train trips in the world", "50 things to do before you die: Rocky Mountaineer", Winner of 4 World Travel Awards - "World's leading travel experience by train", named by National Geographic as one of the World's Greatest Trips.

After seeing this, im left totally speechless....this is not just fantastic...this is far beyond that, totally impossible for me to describe...but it has definitely reserved its place on my 'things i would LOVE to do' list

take a look:

have you been on a trip like this before?

The stamp on the right is a part of a m/s issued in 2009, representing the Year of the Ox, the insect stamp is low value definitive from 2009, representing the Monarch Caterpillar...while the last stamp on the left is from a set of 8 handicrafts stamps issued in 1999, with this one representing Bookbinding.

PS. During the past few days, I had received a few more surprises from you Glenn...thank you so so so much!

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