Friday, October 8, 2010

Santa Catalina Mountains, USA

Dear Carol often knows to surprise my mailbox...

And this is such an amazing card! I honestly never believed I could see a combination of snow and cacti at ONE picture. And it's such a beautiful scene! I just love this! And it rather reminds me of what the weather outside seems to's been soooo brr brrr brr cold these wouldnt surprise me if one day soon I wake up to a snowy view outside.

These are the Santa Catalina Mountains, located north of Tuscon and they are the most prominent mountains in the area. The highest point in the Catalinas is Mount Lemmon at an elevation of 9,157 feet. Wow!

And Carol always seems to put a lot of effort in the stamps...she used 4 great ones here...the Olympic one in the middle is a commemorative one from this year regarding the Olympic Games in Vancouver...the one on the very right is from 2009 celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Alaska statehood...and it was rather challenging to track down the other two stamps, but voila! The one on the left was issued in 1972 (!) representing the Wolf Trap theatre, while the one at the bottom was issued in 1970, and it represents the very famous Mayflower and the Landing of the Pilgrims in the Promised Land.

Thank you so much Carol!

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