Friday, October 8, 2010

Isle of Wight, England

Another official card I received not so long knock on wood, but ever since i had put the trains on my wishlist, a number of really considerate people had chosen exactly that for me! Thank you!


The Isle of Wight Steam Railway is a heritage railway, passing through 5½ miles of unspoiled countryside from Smallbrook Junction to Wootton station, through the small village of Havenstreet, where the line has a station, headquarters and a depot. At Smallbrook Junction, the steam railway connects with the Island Line.
is owned and operated by the Isle of Wight Railway Co. Ltd. and run largely by volunteers. Services are operated on most days from June to September, together with Sundays in April, May, and October and public holidays. The railway is popular with tourists, attracting people to its original steam locomotive and railway cafe.
The railway has several steam locomotives and a small series of diesel shunters, four of which have had notable careers on the island.

Apart from the standard definitives with the Queen, here is one very lovely stamp, issued in 2007 in a set of 6 Grand Prix stamps, with this one featuring Stirling Moss, 1957 Vanwall 2.5L.
As for the Queen Elizabeth definitives, they come from this year's mini sheet of 12 stamps.


Dani said...

еј шо бидна со Томас вовчето? Ти се свиѓаат?
Тука има и стикерси дури од нив.

ајде убава сончева недела. (слушам ладно било ептен).

Ana said...

симнав нешто...ама никако да седнам да ги изгледам...иначе фала што ме потсети на Томас...го знам од мала, ама скроз сум го заборавила....ехх, меморис меморис :)

не бе, какво ладно...врска нема :))))))))
ни од сонце абер нема исто така....се прашувам снег кога ќе падне само...