Thursday, October 21, 2010

Naksan, South Korea

Dani gave me this card (one of many) before she left to China.

The card shows a sunrise reflecting off a Temple at Naksan.

It's a really lovely card...dont know why but this kind of cards with doors/windows seem to be very interesting...and also from what ive noticed, popular among postcard-collectors.
As for the Naksan Temple... it is a Korean Buddhist temple complex in the Jogye order of Korean Buddhism that stands on the slopes of Naksan Mountain and is one of the few temples in Korea to overlook the Sea of Japan (East Sea).

Naksansa was founded in 671, by the Buddhist monk, Uisang Daesa (Grand Master Uisang), an ambassador of the 30th King Munmu of the Silla Period (BC 57-AD 935) after he had returned from studying abroad during the Chinese Tang Dynasty, who, while meditating near the cave in which the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (Gwaneumbosal) was believed to have lived, was told by the Bodhisattva to build the temple there.

thank you Dani! Hope you are enjoying your stay and study-time!

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Dani said...

wow! Thank you so much.
види,види ...кај ги најде сите овие информации. зар пишуваше на разгледницата кој храм е?
Браво. А и не бев приметила дека тоа е изгрејсонце. ц ц ц...

Покрај кинеската култура, учам и за корејската. Многу корејци има. И цимерката ми е корејка.
А како за промена има и 3 северно корејци со мене у клас. така ја откриваме и таа мистерија полека полека..;)))

Убав викенд!