Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brest, Belarus

I really love these Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian...churches....or in one word, all that used to belong to USSR..the architecture is just so nice!

This is the Holy Resurrection Cathedral in Brest, and it is considered to be the biggest church in Belarus. And unfortunately, I was surprised to see how little information one can find on the internet regarding this place.
All I got to find out is that this place commemorates the victims of WWII..and im not even 100% sure that is correct.

All the stamps come from 2008. The left one is from a set of 5 stamps of wild animals, with this one portraying a raccoon, while the other two are from a set of 8 representing Garden Flowers.

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tanuki =^.^= said...

oh, there is my photo on the stamp!! so surprised to see that ^.^ may I say that a tanuki is a raccoon dog, not a raccoon? ^.^ I'd love to have that stamp in my collection ^.^