Saturday, September 11, 2010


dear Silvan surprised me again with something thats more than a fantastic card! A map card of Malta! <3

the card shows the Maltese islands and is simply lovely...shows you the warmth and the sunshine and simply calls you to come and visit and enjoy yourself.
Recently I sort of started exploring the Maltese language a bit and it seemed rather odd to me, esp. since when I was looking at the alphabet I came across letters I didnt expect I would find...some which you will actually find in the Serbian/Croatian...and the coinage of words just wasnt something I expected....but thats what makes it interesting for is a Semitic language descended from Siculo-Arabic, with influences by Sicilian and Italian, to a lesser extent French, and more recently English.

the stamp is from a set of 3 Christmas stamps issued in 2009

Grazzi hafna Silvan!


Vagirl said...

Such an awesome map card! Love it!

Dani said...

super lovely.

Ana said...

thank you ladies :) I just cant not love this map is perfect :)