Saturday, September 11, 2010

Twyfelfontein, Namibia

A lovely, great, fantastic, awesome card came from Anja! Namibia...UNESCO...written and stamped! Pleasure all around! :)

At first the name reminded me of some of those Welsh places, but this one aint situated even close to Wales but in the far far Namibia. Twyfelfontein (doubtful fountain) is 75km west of Khorixas.
The site has been inhabited for 6,000 years, first by hunter-gatherers and later by Khoikhoi herders. Both ethnic groups used it as a place of worship and a site to conduct shamanist rituals. In the process of these rituals at least 2,500 items of rock carvings have been created, as well as a few rock paintings. Some thousands of years old, other of the 19th century. Displaying one of the largest concentrations of rock petroglyphs in Africa, UNESCO approved Twyfelfontein as Namibia's first World Heritage Site in 2007.

and a great stamp, coming from the 3rd joint SAPOA issue, which consists of 9 stamps, regarding the 2010 FIFA World Cup of South Africa.


Gem from Calgary said...

Way to go, Ana. A card from Namibia doesn't come along every day. Enjoy.

Ana said...

thanks Glenn! Im trying...slowly but surely they say :)