Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Washington, USA

A lovely map card I received from Maggie who has been very kind to help me each time I got stuck with those Japanese stamps :)

The card is really lovely in colours...well you know...dominant blue, and you have seduced me :)

Here some nice info from the back of the card:

Columbia River System Dams

Installed Generation Capacity (in megawatts)

Grand Coulee   6,494 F                                  Priest Rapids   789
Chief Joseph     2,069 F                                  McNary          980 F      
Wells                774                                        John Day         2,160 F
*Rocky Reach  1,280                                     Dalles              1,807 F
*Rock Island    624                                        Bonneville        1,062 F
Wanapum         831

* - Owned by Chelan County Public Utility District
F - Federally Owned

Hope you got it all right :)

The two stamps on the right come from a set of 10 issued in 2008, called "the flags of our nation". The top left stamp is a definitive from 2004 representing a Chippendale Chair, while the one underneath is another definitive from 2003 showing the American Clock

Thank you Maggie for the great card! :)  

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Maggie said...

yaaaaaaaay! you posted my card :D