Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mysore, India

A card  I received from India from a nice lady who was supposed to be my penpal, but when i was about to write her back and ask to confirm her address, she had just disappeared...strange really, and apart from interpals, i dont have any other way to contact her =/

And she was really nice...and with her first letter included this postcard too which shows the Brindavan Gardens in Mysore. This garden located in the state of Karnataka in India. It lies adjoining the Krishnarajasagara dam which is built across the river Kaveri. The work on laying out this garden was started in the year 1927 and completed in 1932. Visited by close to 2 million tourists per year, the garden is one of the major attractions near the city of Mysore.

The Krishnarajasagara dam was constructed under the guidance of Sir Mirza Ismail, the Dewan (chief financial officer) of Mysore. As a part of beautification of the dam site, Sir Mirza Ismail conceived a plan of developing a garden in Mughal style with a design similar to that of Shalimar Gardens in Kashmir.The work on this garden was started in 1927. It was constructed in a terraced fashion and named Krishnarajendra Terrace Garden.

I had a look at some pictures at night and I must say that the fountains at that time of the day look amazing!

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