Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Santander, Spain + Contest

A Fantastic card sent from my dear Beatriz.

And I would like to use this opportunity to present you a contest she is organizing at her blog. So if you are interested into penpalling, like cute/nice stationary for your letters and you enjoy decorating it with stickers maybe then this contest is for you. What you need to do? Well for starters you have to visit Penpalling and Letters, and read the contest article, right HERE. All the rules and how you need to proceed afterwards is given there. The contest is supported by and During the contest, you can also get a 10% discount, but to find out how, you will need to read the above mentioned article. Deadline is 21st September, so less than a month left to enter....better hurry :)

Well, personally I use plain papers for my letters since we barely have any nice stationery here and those sold are insanely expensive or are sold one small sheet per envelope....having in mind that my letters usually take 4 pages A4 format, what's sold here is simply I need to use plain envelopes as well..but I LOVE decorating those with stickers...and when I put a nice stamp and use a colour pen to write the address, it looks nice eventually and not plain at all :)
So this contest seems to be like a jackpot for me, and Im surely gonna enter...I just hope that with my slowness I wont miss the deadline in the end :P

Sooooo. what are you waiting for?? Go go go!!!

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