Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mulo, Croatia

Dear Agi sent me this lovely lighthouse

From all my visits to Croatia back in time, unfortunately I cant recall if I had seen their lighthouses...I know ive seen lighthouses for real SOMEWHERE, but no way I could remember where it was...
This one shows the Mulo island and lighthouse...situated near Rogoznica and Planka promontory. Mulo is one of the oldest Croatian lighthouse, which was built by the navy Austro-Hungarian Monarchy in 1873, just near Rogoznica's sea surface. It was equipped by cranes for lifting wooden fishing boats which saught the rescue during storms. During one thunderstorm in the last century, early 70's, a cargo ship, chock full of tropical fruits ran aground the lighthouse Mulo. Eye witnesses claim that marketplaces in Rogoznica, Šibenik and Split have been settled with oranges for months ! But along with Mulo's garrison the legends about it also vanished.

a few lovely colourful stamps...the first two come from a set of 5 issued in 2008, representing Croatian Ethnographic Heritage (the one on the left shows a Folk costume from Sunja, while the other one shows a Folk costume from Bistra)..the stamp next to it (along with the tab) is also from 2008, it is a commercial stamp regarding the 20 Years of the Healthy Cities Movement in Europe.

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